Sunday, December 27, 2009

the reason for the season

this will help w the snow days

brandons new hobby..he is really good at this

the cat nipped kitty

after the opening

santa has arrived

before santa

merry christmas...friends and family.. the reason for the season..sounds like our holiday..we have been soo blessed..this year..we had the opportunity to speak in church today .. it was so humbling to see my awesome children give thier testimonies.. i have always wondered if the little example along with the big ones really sink in.. they do!!!! we had a great christmas for was fun to see the before and after pic of our tree w & w-out presents..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

my quest to the happy and hollow club.

i have completed the jouney to the happy and hollow club.. what an adventure.. i still trying adjust to the hormore over hold.. like crying while folding socks not such what that is about and when is the energy level back augh!!! but i have complete faith in the ladies in my ward that saids it is great to be a member... lol.. dianne